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 Football holds a proud and distinguished place in the history and tradition of Santa Clara and Bay Area athletics...As past generations of Santa Clarans are aware, it is the story of great games, players, and coaches, the legendary rivalry with Saint Mary's, major upsets, national rankings, and the three Sugar and Orange Bowl victories.

It was tiny Santa Clara, the perennial underdog, overcoming all odds to compete with and defeat their college "betters" which embodied the Spirit of Santa Clara athletics and set an example for all to follow. Thirty-four years of the "modern era" (1959-1992) did not diminish this storied tradition. With few resources, scholarships, and little administration encouragement, Santa Clara continued to favorably compete on the field. Under Pat Malley, and later Terry Malley, Santa Clara became a small college football power with numerous national rankings, Little All Americans, and a post-season playoff appearance. Under Pat Malley's leadership the Little Big Game again became a markee contest for both colleges. Its student athletes were a credit to the program and Santa Clara's stated purpose of educating the student athlete...

Now, as current generations of Santa Clarans pass through her doors without the benefit of intercollegiate football, its traditions and accomplishments become ever dimmer and, as hoped for by some, may soon be completely forgotten. It is for this reason that a retelling of the Santa Clara football story is in order. Hopefully, it may in some small way keep the flame alive.   --Ron Chin '75.

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